Hubert BONIN

Professeur d'histoire économique contemporaine
European Business and Brand Building
Author : Hubert BONIN
Publish : 21 mars 2012
Publisher : Presses Interuniversitaires Europeennes
ISBN : 978-9052017938
Pages : 264 pages
Language : Anglais
dimension : 1,3 x 14,6 x 21 cm
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Description : A strong brand is a key factor in business success, both in the short-term and in the long-term. Brands help to provide a better understanding of the corporate and commercial culture of different firms. A brand reveals the knowledge capital held by a company, but also often reflects the perception of the firm held by consumers and stake-holders. The book explores the historical process of building some of the most famous brands among European businesses and examines the extent to which the brands have contributed to the image of the firms and their differentiation against competitors in the industry.