Hubert BONIN

Professeur d'histoire économique contemporaine
Ford, 1903-2003 : The European History
Author : Hubert Bonin, Yannick Lung, Steven Tolliday, Collectif
Publish : 1 octobre 2003
Publisher : Editions de Plage
ISBN : 978-2914369060
Pages : 1240 pages
Language : Anglais
dimension : 25 x 8 x 17 cm
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Description : Ford Motor Company is a global giant. It pioneered mass production and the global multinational corporations. "Fordism" is a symbol of the modern age. In this book, produced in Ford's centenary year, an international team of independent researchers explores Ford's European history and presents new analyses of its dynamics and significance. Second volume looks at Ford's European history across a hundred years and a dozen countries. It looks at Ford in face of national rivalries, economic integration, depression, dictatorships and wars. The national histories, written by a team of international researchers, complement the broader thematic studies in volume One.